Battery Builder Program

Our ‘Battery Builder’ program is designed to keep you updated with the latest in advanced testing and charging equipment. Not only will this help you minimise your warranty rate; it will give you an advantage over your opposition ensuring your credibility and professionalism is at the highest level.

The program involves Exide Technologies supplying you with an branded Electronic Tester and Battery Charger (worth $650) which can be subsidised to just $1* based on the retail units you purchase over the agreement terms.

**Product specifications may charge and are indicative only

There are two different battery builder agreements that you can sign in order to receive your charger and tester for just $1*

Agreement 1 You agree to purchase an initial stock of 15 units, plus agree to purchase 75 units over the first 6 months (net of any credits issued by the Company).
Agreement 2 The agree to purchase at least 75 units more than the corresponding 6 months, net of any credits issued by the Company.

If these two agreements don't suit your needs, there are other options available. For further information on our ‘Battery Builder Program’ you can contact us or speak to your local sales representative. Alternatively you may call our Customer Centre on 0800 228 837 during office hours.

* Terms and conditions apply