Roadside Assistance

Marshall Batteries Roadside Assistance

Why keep paying for traditional Roadside Assistance membership every year, when you don’t need too? Marshall has revolutionised traditional roadside assistance programs with its new ‘Pay to Use Roadside Rescue’ service! THAT MEANS NO MEMBERSHIP OR ROADSIDE JOINING FEES!

Who knows when of those unforeseen breakdown situations may occur? Maybe you have a flat battery, locked your keys in the car or have run out of fuel? Simply ‘Holler For A Marshall’

There are no annual membership fees and no annoying roadside joining fees or waiting periods, so why pay a monthly fee for a service you are not using?
Anyone can Holler for a Marshall – All you need is a credit card when the time comes. Our Roadside Assistance services are available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and across the South Island.

With no joining fee and no waiting period – its pay as you go.

So what are you waiting for? Next time you need roadside assistance, Holler For A Marshall! You’re already a member.

Our Roadside Rescue services include:


Dead battery? Don’t risk doing it yourself. Marshall can deliver & install quality Marshall Batteries to suit any car, truck or boat, including light trucks and commercial vehicles. Click here to select the right battery for your vehicle. We also provide an electrical systems check to ensure your battery is correctly charging, therefore maximising its performance and life.

Note: Prices may vary depending on your location; for a fixed quote Holler for a Marshall on 0800 BATTERY (0800 22 88 37) to discuss with your local Marshall Battery expert. Some dealers won’t charge you a call-out fee if your battery needs replacement and the battery itself comes with a nationwide warranty providing better value and peace of mind. Call now to get a quote.


Left your lights on? If your battery is flat we will jump-start your battery and get you going again. We also provide an electrical systems check to ensure your battery is correctly charging, therefore maximising its performance and life.


Marshall will come to you and provide you with enough fuel to get your vehicle moving again. So don’t panic – just ‘holler’ and we’ll come to you.


Flat or damaged tyre? We will come to you and change over your flat or damaged tyre with your vehicles spare, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.


Locked your keys inside your vehicle? Don’t worry, Marshall can access most standard vehicles to retrieve your keys.

* Call today to receive your quote, prices based on standard passenger vehicle stranded on a tarmac road during 7am to 7pm Monday to Sunday (excluding public holidays). Pricing may vary due to the type of vehicle, location and service option required. For full terms and conditions click here

Fleet Service

Marshall Batteries is proud of our associations with some New Zealand’s largest private and commercial fleets. We provide battery serving and replacement to many leading fleet providers such as GE Custom Fleet, NZRA, State Roadside Rescue, and Youi Insurance to name a few.

If you are a fleet customer requiring battery assistance, please refer to your Fleet Providers authorisation instructions, alternatively give us a call and we can assist you further.

To find more information on our Fleet Service programs contact us.

Vehicle and Asset Verification

Our Asset and Vehicle verification service has been developed to provide a cost effective and customer friendly alternative to existing asset verification options. Our network of mobile service technicians and regional dealers can provide an official verification report across a range of financed assets, not just limited to vehicles. The verification process captures critical details such as Make, Model, VIN & Serial Numbers and are recognised by many of the leading providers of vehicle finance.

So if you’re going to need private vehicle finance soon, talk to your financial institution and find out if a Marshall finance inspection is suitable for you.