Buggies & Mobility

  • Agm Cycling

    Agm Cycling

    An AGM Battery is a VRLA battery that is different from flooded lead acid, it has its entire amount of electrolyte 'absorbed' in the separator material. The separator acts as a sponge and is saturated to approximately 98%. This is why an AGM battery is spill-proof & can be mounted in virtually any position.
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  • Heavy Industrial Cycling

    Heavy Industrial Cycling

    Industrial Deep Cycle Batteries are built to last and deliver power when needed, thereby ensuring maximum life and optimum performance. Ideal for mobility, golf carts and a range of industrial applications such as walkers and stackers etc.
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  • Semi-industrial Cycling

    Semi-industrial Cycling

    Built strong to withstand the pounding and vibration of heavy vehicle and semi-industrial use. These Deep Cycle batteries are developed for long-running power and low amperage drain. Even when all else fails, these Deep Cycle batteries will keep you powered up.
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  • Specialist Cycling

    Specialist Cycling

    GEL technology is designed for maximum energy power supply requirements. With its reliable current output, it guarantees the function of all the applications electrical components. It provides an ideal buffer for cases where there is uneven charge & discharge, such as solar applications. Its uncompromising fulfilment of professional requirements means that the GEL product is ideally suited to use in the leisure and sporting applications too.
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