Marshall Batteries Company Information

Over 75 years since its inception, Marshall Batteries and Marshall Matt still have a very high level of awareness as the best known, and most widely recognised retail battery brand in Australia and New Zealand. Many people still vividly recall the television commercials that appeared more than 20 years ago and instinctively “Holler for a Marshall” but times have changed and we now need to be able to service vehicles with increasingly sophisticated automotive electrical systems.

A substantial investment has been made to strengthen our position at the forefront of roadside battery servicing and to reinforce the reputation we’ve established, which is based on the winning combination of expert service and great value.

Our new enhanced New Zealand wide network features van technicians and retail city stores covering major cities, as well as regional dealers that service our outer areas-supported by the very latest systems technology, state of art equipment and national customer centre.

We are committed to providing the very highest levels of efficient professional service to our customers; testing batteries and electrical systems, roadside battery replacement, delivery, fitment and other roadside assistance related services. You can now order a Marshall Battery anywhere anytime from the comfort of your own home. Simply order using our online ordering system and we will come to you!

Our History

The History of Marshall Batteries

Marshall Batteries, established in 1935, has been servicing Customers for over 80 years. The history of Marshall Batteries is long and distinguished. Not only did Marshall pioneer roadside battery delivery, in 1963, just 28 years after the foundation of Marshall Batteries, Marshall Introduced another industry first; television advertising.

Marshall ‘Matt’ came alive and the slogan ‘Holler for a Marshall!’ was created, and the iconic ‘Train Crossing Advertisement’ was born. No-one knew then that this vision would lead to the creation of one of the most recognised retail brands in New Zealand for years to come.

In 2005, the Marshall Brand was re-launched as the roadside service program we know today, with its network of mobile battery technicians and dedicated battery outlets. Even Marshall ‘Matt’ had a new make-over, to bring him into the new millennium with a bang!

In 2009, Marshall Matt had a trim and his popular moustache and pistols were replaced by his trusty jumper leads and friendly smile, and strapping superhero muscles, reflecting our dedication to our all-round service!

Marshall ‘Matt’ continues to go from strength to strength and with more people ‘Hollering for a Marshall’ for their battery and breakdown needs, the next 75 years is bound to be just as exciting and we thank all of you for your continued support.

Our Historical Milestones

1935 – Mr George L Thompson began the Marshall Battery manufacturing Company in Canterbury, Sydney
1961 – Marshall pioneered the roadside battery service “Holler for a Marshall” and Marshall Matt was born
1968 – Pacific Dunlop acquired Marshall Batteries.
1986 – Pacific Dunlop acquired Chloride Batteries New Zealand and amalgamated both battery companies.
1987 – Pacific Dunlop acquired GNB Technologies USA.
1987 – Launched Marshall Batteries into New Zealand
1989 – The battery division consolidated manufacturing operations into Elizabeth, Australia.
1990 – Marshall Batteries pioneered battery collection through its campaign ‘The Great Battery Round Up’ as part of the ‘Make New Zealand Beautiful’ campaign.
1994 – The company changed its name from Pacific Dunlop Batteries to GNB Technologies.
2000 – Pacific Dunlop sold its battery division to Exide Batteries USA.
2002 – New Marshall was launched.
2004 – Marshall awarded innovative prize for best billboard.
2005 – New state of the art Sales Centre was created with hi-tech PDA job despatching
2009 – Marshall ‘Matt’ super hero was created.
2010 – Joined as major partner to the ‘Australian Made’ campaign.
2010 – Celebrated 75 years in Australia and 25 years in New Zealand.
2012 – Delivered online battery ordering.
2013 – Exide Technologies sold Marshall Batteries to Marshall Power New Zealand Pty Ltd
2014 – Marshall launches next generation Battery range with industry leading 42 months warranty and QR Code product registration. Another Industry first.
2015 – Launch of ‘Sticky Situations’ TV & Digital marketing campaign
2015 – Supplied the New Zealand Antarctic Division with batteries for the toughest environment on the planet.

Now and into the future, Marshall Batteries is New Zealand’s number one battery product and service. Our dedication to New Zealand motorists and Fleet companies is second to none.

Marshall Batteries Products

When you “Holler for a Marshall ” you can be sure we are using the very best products and the right technology for your application. Marshall Batteries only use the very best quality products and choose to use our own technology for Marshall Product including some specialist applications, such as Start/Stop Battery technology.

All modern applications place heavier demand on the battery’s performance than ever before. Marshall understands these requirements which has resulted in the design of Marshall leading range, designed specifically for the New Zealand market.

For years the battery market has pointed at Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) as the sole determinant for assessing the quality of the battery. Whilst CCA is important, all key product specifications pertaining to battery performance are equally important. That is CCA, Reserve Capacity (RCm) and Amp Hours (AH). Marshall has recently designed its ‘next generation’ range to achieve a balance across all these key performance characteristics.

Our balanced power approach is to achieve ‘Longer Battery Life’ which is the number 1 requirement of our customers. This is how we can confidently offer our industry leading 42 month warranty offer. We don’t just say it, we back it with our national wide extended roadside warranty offer.

Established in 1935 Marshall Batteries and ‘Holler for a Marshall’ is the most recognised retail battery brand in the market today. Marshall products are supported by a nationwide roadside warranty of up to 42 months and supports all modern passenger vehicles, 4WD Batteries & Light Commercial applications, as well as Heavy Commercial Truck Batteries and Tractor Battery applications.

The Marshall Battery range is designed specifically to meet local New Zealand conditions and are at the forefront of modern battery technology. The Marshall range covers specialist applications such as Camping and Caravanning batteries, Marine batteries, Mobility batteries, Lawn Mower batteries and Motorcycle battery applications amongst many others.

Our products are manufactured and distributed to meet the highest quality standard and meet or exceed the AS2149 Standard. Marshall Batteries hold the following accreditation from SAI -Global Assurance Services ISO TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and complies with AS4801 standards.

Recycle with Marshall Batteries

Marshall Batteries conscientiously applies a comprehensive business approach called Total Battery Management™ (TBM), that plays a leading role in one of New Zealand’s most effective and successful recycling programs.

Every year our recycling plant produces approximately 96,000 metric tons of refined lead and lead alloys per annum. Marshall also is a significant recycler of plastic, capturing plastic from spent batteries and using it in the production of cases and covers for new batteries.

Marshall Batteries are 98% recyclable and 80% comprised of previously recycled materials, just another reason to Holler for a Marshall!
Help us protect the environment by recycling spent and used batteries and returning them to one of our battery stores or call us to arrange the safe recycling of your spent battery.