Point of Sale Material

Point of Sale Material

As part of the 'Next Generation Marshall' product range, a new point of sales suite has been introduced.  The following 'point of sale' material is available to assist you to identify your business as a destination point for Marshall Batteries.  Research shows that many consumers still don't know were to go to find a battery, so in order to maximise our national advertising and your sales opportunities it is vital that to present yourself as a destination for batteries.

Additional or specialist Point of Sale requirements can also be catered for, but must first be approved to ensure a consistant corporate image is presented.

To find out more or to order from the Marshall Battery range of point of sale material, simply contact your sales representative or contact us online today.

3x1 Header Card

4 x 2 Doubled Sided A-Frame Core Flute.  FREE BATTERY CHECK & SOLD HERE call to action statements.

4 x 2 External Sign

2 x 4 External Sign

Vehicle Decal (Vinyl Sticker)