Welcome to DealerNET

Welcome to DealerNET

Welcome to DealerNET.  The market leading interactive sales tool providing our customers with the very latest internal communication, documentation and sales promotions you need to maximise your customers sales experience.  When you buy through Marshall your buying more than just our quality products, we ensure our after-sales and service is as good as the products we sell.

Make sure you manage your profile regularly to ensure we have your very latest information, that way we can ensure you are updated with the very latest Marshall Battery and Industry activity or you can visit our latest news section whenever you are logged-in.

Ordering product has never been easier with our new DealerNET.  If you prefer traditional methods of ordering such as contacting your sales representative or ordering via our national sales line, you can continue to do so.  Alternatively you can now save yourself valuable time by ordering online using our ordering system specially designed in DealerNET.

While batteries in today’s society are pretty much taken for granted, they are in fact quite complex pieces of technology which science has not yet been able to replace.  Incorrectly handled, they not only have the potential to cause extensive damage to valuable equipment, they can also be extremely dangerous.

It is our aim to ensure that anyone associated with representing or handling Exide Technologies products, does so with full confidence.  To that end we have produced a series of training modules which effectively cover all the essentials, not only to ensure safety and performance of the product, but to provide handy tips on marketing and selling it as well.

We hope you enjoy using the DealerNET.  If you are experiencing any difficulties operating DealerNET, please contact Marshall Batteries directly by calling 0800 228 837 or you can contact us here.