What is LAM?

What is LAM?

Marshall Batteries commits to supply ongoing financial support for advertising your business as a Marshall dealer, through a unit accrued advertising fund.  This is a firm commitment by Marshall for the duration of the agreement period and ensures you are promoted for the brand and services you provide.  The LAM fund is based on retail battery units you sell above specified volume breaks.  Refer to your Dealer Agreement for further information.

Any marketing programs utilising the Marshall brand must be pre-approved by Marshall prior to placement.

  • LAM funding will only be provided once written authorisation has been issued from Marshall.  This ensures that all elements of the Marshall program are communicated correctly to the consumer and all branding and trademarks are correctly represented.
  • LAM funds can only be accessed once the rebate amount has accrued a positive balance.
  • LAM funding will be approved providing the advertising medium is solely promoting Marshall Batteries and your dealership as a Marshall Batteries retailer.
  • LAM accrual is based on the number of retail batteries purchased via your Marshall account, excluding any fleet commissioned battery units.
To find out your current LAM value please contact 0800 228 837


Radio Commercials
Various 15 and 30 second adverts as well as jingle donut adverts.   Donut adverts consist of pre-recorded start and finish audio’s that can have a middle portion customized to your area. Using local radio network stations is generally very effective as well as cost competitive.

An animated 15 and 30 second commercial is available for local TV advertising.

Various forms of standardized print media is available on request including referral cards, mail droppers and promotional flyers.

Otherwise known as billboards, there are a variety of sizes and formats available for use subject to national placement commitments.

You may also choose to sponsor your local sporting team or community event, or run an advert in the local press to raise the profile of Marshall Batteries and your business as a destination point for batteries.  You can even use your LAM fund to purpose additional Marshall branding for your store or service van.

Outdoor billboard example

Print media example

Additional store signage example