Tips for Travelling with Children

Tips for Travelling with Children

Long hours in the car, close proximity to siblings and severe boredom can be all too much for you and your kids when hitting the road. So how do you keep yourself entertained and them sane? Read on for our top tips on travelling with children.

Travelling with Kids Tip #1 Pack Like a Pro

Packing well can make a journey a whole lot less stressful! Place everything you anticipate needing quickly on-top and in clear view. This list could include hats, jackets, towels or food. Also keep a first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray and important items unique to your child - like an inhaler or EpiPen - within reach and make your driving partner aware of where they are. Packing well is a simple trick, but it could prevent a tantrum or medical episode along the road.

Travelling with Kids Tip #2 Prior Planning

Preparation is key! Make sure everybody in the house, especially the driver, gets a good night sleep and the car is packed and ready to go. This helps avoid the morning rush. Travelling with children may add some time to your trip with more frequent stops, fishing out items, etc. so when estimating your travel time make sure to add 30 minutes to an hour to be on the safe side. Finally, bring plenty of water and make sure you have an action plan if something goes wrong – like the Marshall Batteries number on speed dial!

Travelling with Kids Tip #3 Pack Snacks a Plenty

Nothing makes travelling with children more difficult than an empty stomach! Little bite sized snacks and sandwiches can be a life saver on the road. Pack easy to eat things like muesli bars and perishable food into containers. Food can serve as a great boredom buster and can earn you precious moments of silence.

Travelling with Kids Tip #4 Get in Sync

Consider when your kids normally sleep. If you plan strategically, you could leave in the afternoon, have lunch in the car and then have a long stretch of driving so they can fall asleep, and it’ll give you a few hours of quiet time. If you have a short drive ahead of you, it could be worth leaving close to bedtime to give your children the time to fall asleep. Play calming music, bring a blanket or teddy bear and hopefully enjoy a peaceful drive.

Travelling with Kids Tip #5 Entertainment Galore

Audio books, DVDs and music that both of you like can be a life-saver when travelling with children. You can choose to mix it up with games and puzzles or even give your kids a travel journal to capture memories of your family trip. Another useful trick for children old enough to read numbers is to prop your phone at the front of the car and put the timer on. This will let your children know exactly how long is left of the car journey

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